Washington DC Marijuana Licensing

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What License Types Exist in the District of Columbia?

There are three cannabis license types issued by the Alcoholic Beverage and Regulation Administration (ABRA) in the District of Columbia. These licenses include:

Cultivation Center License

D.C. cannabis cultivation licenses are issued to cultivation centers authorizing them to cultivate cannabis in the District. This license also permits cultivation centers to package and process their cannabis plants and prepare them for sale.

Dispensary License

The D.C. cannabis dispensary licenses authorize licensees to dispense medical marijuana to qualified and registered patients in any form considered safe. The ABRA maintains a list of licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in D.C.

Testing Laboratories License

This license is issued to independent laboratories and registered facilities approved by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) to authorize them to test harvested medical cannabis samples and provide licensed cultivation centers with the concentration of THC and CBD in cannabis samples. Licensed medical cannabis testing laboratories can also verify whether cannabis samples are organic or non-organic, ascertain the presence and concentration of contaminants, and any additional information required by the ABRA.

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Washington DC Marijuana Licensing