Washington DC: Protestors Gathering Outside the White House With “Quit Biden Our Time” Words

On October 24, 2022, a group of protestors gathered in front of the White House with “Quit Biden our time” words and green hemp leaves printed on their flags, hats, and clothes. The main demand was to force president Joe Biden to help release imprisoned people who were convicted of cannabis-related issues.

In the early days of this month, the president announced the mass pardons that were related to weed-possessing federal crimes. Yet, the protestors were not satisfied with this announcement by asserting that it would not lead to mass releases eventually. Moreover, they inclined that the announcement was meant to create a positive environment for the press release and not more.

The gathered people also turned on the 2020’s audio of Joe Biden where he was debating with Cory Booker. Here he was confirming that those who have records must be released from prison. Moreover, the records must be erased. So, now people demand the fulfillment of those promises. On its turn, the White House announced that over 6500 imprisoned people from all over the country would be let out of jail if they committed only a simple possession of cannabis since 1992. No one will stay in federal prison for only this accusation.

In this regard, one of the DC Marijuana Justice organization founders - Adam Eidinger demands the release of more than a hundred prisoners, as well as the estimated 2800 people estimated by the Last Prisoner Project. According to his demands, the process should be completed by Christmas.

Even though the overall perception around recreational cannabis has been changed and it is now legal in District, 2 territories, and 19 states, and is set on the next-month ballot in 5 other states as well, the protest organizers are worried about the previously incarcerated residents.

They call the authorities to review the harmful rules used for Black and Brown communities. The policy is quite discriminatory. That is why white businessmen make up the majority of the weed legal market. Meanwhile, black people are sentenced to weed-related arrests more often.

Then one of the protestors was arrested while he was running through the entrance gate. This is because the unauthorized entry through the security gate is a subject of charges which are still pending according to the words of the US Secret Service Uniformed Division spokesman Lt. Paul Mayhair.

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